Julep Maven Jan ’14

After 4 (5? what day of the week is this?) days of sitting on my ass, doing almost nothing except half-hearted shoveling PRN, I re-entered the world of the living today, and I’m crediting my Julep January 2014 Maven Box (sad isn’t it?). I probably wear nail polish 10 times a year so Julep isn’t … Continue reading

For the dogs…(Barkbox Dec. ’13)

I’ve continued to keep my mail carrier (and wallet…) busy with subscription boxes this week, but today I want to heap on the praise (it doesn’t happen often so enjoy it while it lasts) for one of the best subscription box experiences I’ve had to date: BarkBox. I gifted my sister a 3-month subscription for … Continue reading

Old Soul, Older Body?

I’m 33, going on 67.  Whereas other single 33-year olds are buying jumbo packs of condoms, here’s my jumbo pack.  When I was a child, people often called me an old soul (euphemism for sanctimonious bore?)  and I never fully understood it.  Looking back, I can acknowledge how quiet, introspective and maybe more serious I … Continue reading

Here I go…sort of

I am new to blogging. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing.  I’m hoping to update this sometime before 2017 with an actual post…because I know the world is waiting with bated breath.