Fancy Box Feb ’14

My February 2014 Fancy Box arrived with no fanfare–usually I receive a shipping notice, but this month the box just showed up!  I wasn’t feeling the need for house knick knacks or gadgets so I changed up my categories this month–limiting it to only “women’s”.  I was curious how that would affect the selections, so let’s take a look.

First observation–no basketball-sized box this month! The box was almost (if not) exactly the same size as Pop Sugar Must Have.

The contents included:

Fancy includes info cards for products, which is nice.

Photos of the unwrapped goodies are below.

I think the box is pretty good–limiting the categories worked better for me.  The tights are adorable; they have 2 red hearts that lean slightly hooker-ish, but my bigger problem is that they are “one size”.   How the hell can a pair of tights be one size, lol?

The book is also really cute–it’s a hefty 400+ pages, but compact in size and great for any fashion lover.  As for the hair ties, is there a subscription box that hasn’t included these?  I have mid-length hair and have been pulling it back more since I have about 300 of these things now, but might swap or gift these.  I’m not sure how I feel about the styling iron.  I am very low-maintenance, so never curl/style my hair, but it’s nice to have one of these contraptions if I ever decide I want to scald my scalp or get my hair tangled up in an appliance :).

This is the last of my 3-month subscription, so after I post my Tyler Florence box, this is it for me and Fancy!


10 thoughts on “Fancy Box Feb ’14

  1. I received the exact items you did without limiting categories. This was my first (perhaps only) Fancy box and I was underwhelmed.

  2. This was also my first and unfortunately last Fancy box. I got the same items as you and didn’t limit my selections. Hair ties….oh goody! As you stated, what box doesn’t include them. The book is a good filler. Makes it look high end without having to be high end. I have short hair, can’t wait to try the flat iron. I think I can sell this though. Tights with hearts? My 18 and 19 year old daughters wanted nothing to do with them either. Oh well, it was worth a try. I’ll stick with Pop Sugar

  3. I got black sparkle tights in my Fancy box (Designs brand). I’m totally on the same page with you – they are “one size” as well! I’m kind of a cheapskate and it was an internal struggle for me to commit to a 3 month Fancy subscription…The flat iron definitely made my day and prevented me from feeling cheated!

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