Wherefore art thou Glossybox & Fancy Box?


This is exactly what I look like, btw…

Annoying subscription box experience #784:  when companies go (or stay) incommunicado.  It’s February 5, and I’m eagerly awaiting arrival of my January Glossybox and Tyler Florence Fancy Box…both brand new subscriptions for me.

The Fancy website claims Tyler Florence boxes ship January 25, and I saw a comment online promising shipping on January 31, and now “asap” because one of the items was delayed (duh) and then apparently damaged.   What’s aggravating is you have to hunt around to figure this out–there’s zero direct communication.  I need to have my head examined for even attempting another Fancy Box after the rigamarole of the original box and Jennifer Love Hewitt box…but that’s another story (see here and here).  I only got a confirmation that Fancy received my returns from previous boxes when I explicitly asked (3 weeks after the fact, but who’s keeping track…).

Glossybox told me to expect my box to ship by January 24, and I see that lots of bloggers received theirs around then (I assume existing subscribers’ boxes are shipped first, which makes sense).  When I logged onto the website at the end of January, the box contents were revealed to me as if my box had arrived. It hadn’t.  So like Fancy Box, there was no proactive communication, but when I politely inquired about my Glossybox shipping status, I got a crazy apologetic email about the delay.  I noticed Glossybox has been effusively apologetic on Facebook too.  (Probably because people on the FB page are totally flipping out–is it really the end of the world, folks?) Anyhoo, it shipped this week, and is probably buried in snow somewhere along the east coast.

To me customer service matters most–things happen, but if a company is upfront about it and keeps customers in the loop, it it isn’t a big (or even little) deal.  Ah, first world problems…


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