Julep Maven Feb ’14

I’ve learned I can always count on Julep Maven to be my first subscription box of the month to arrive, and February was no exception. (Note the date: Feb. 1st!)  Of the several February 2014 Julep Maven boxes available, I  selected my usual “Classic with a Twist” box, which typically has 2 nail polishes and a beauty product.  This month every box also includes  a bonus nail polish,”Love”.  For the first time, I wasn’t sure which box to pick this month–they all looked good.

The Classic with a Twist contents were:

  • Greta nail polish (sparkly berry red)
  • Octavia nail polish (indigo)
  • Eye sheen in dusty taupe shimmer (I chose this color)
  • Love nail polish (gold with red sparkles, I can’t find a link–a subscriber exclusive?)
"Love"…not my have

Close up of “Love”…not my fave

I added on 2 more polishes:

  • Kristen (a shimmery teal from the Bombshell box)
  • Roc Solid (a green color I love but for which I’m struggling to come up with a description–from the It Girl box)

Kristen and Roc Solid polishes

Octavia, Kristen, Roc Solid, Greta, Love, and eye shadow

Octavia, Kristen, Roc Solid, Greta, Love, and eye shadow

Truthfully I’m a little underwhelmed by the eye shadow. The container is very small–maybe the size of a quarter, and I didn’t realize it is liquid eye shadow, which I’ve never used.  I’m intrigued but skeptical…. The bonus polish this month might be something to wear on Valentine’s day, but otherwise, I’m thinking  it would go with a wonder woman costume on Halloween?  I’ve earned a free polish and box which I will likely use next month and then cancel.

I love, love Julep Maven’s customer service, shipping, and flexibility in allowing customers to pick their boxes, but I am getting a little overwhelmed by all of this nail polish and wondering when the hell I will use it all… (answer: never).

Update: I forgot to mention this month’s box includes a promo code for a 2-for-1 polish (with purchase of a full-priced polish): BEMINE!  Expires March 1, 2014.



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