Socialbliss Style Box Jan ’14

I was feeling reckless earlier this month, and for some people that means drunken stupors, elopement, gambling, etc. For me, it meant subscribing to the Socialbliss Style Box sight unseen.   There were no hints as to what to expect except for fashion accessories and “lifestyle products” (whatever that means) valued at $100, all for the rock bottom (?) price of  $47.90 ($39.95 + shipping).  It was a risk.  Here we go…

The box was unmarked, so I wasn’t sure what it was when it arrived.  The inside wrapping was very cute.

At first glance, the information card revealed the box’s theme:  Rockstar.  And my brain immediately went to Barbie & the Rockers…uh oh.  The other side of the card revealed the January 2014 Socialbliss Style Box contents and their value:

  • A “forever cool” (I’m guessing that isn’t trademarked…) black fedora by the Hatter Company (retail $22)
  • A studded clutch (retail $55)
  • A Strela Silver bullet necklace by Shield & Honor (retail $60, which seems crazy high, but there’s a great cause behind it)
  • A NYX smokey eye shadow and lip color palette (retail $12)

The items were clearly thoughtfully selected to go with the theme and are really sweet (I’m overlooking the bullet here and focusing on the story behind it…).  There is a nice variety of makeup, jewelry, & accessories, all detailed in the card.  In my opinion the box is perfect for a college student, maybe a high schooler, or someone in their 20’s (sadly, I am no longer any of those).   The style is not for me at all. I would look like the world’s biggest jackass wearing anything other than the makeup (and even that is a question mark, ha ha).

The nice thing about Socialbliss is they say you can return the box if you don’t like it.  I’m sure I will be out the shipping (and probably return) fees, but I plan to see how a return works.  I did only order one box (cancelled immediately) so that I could see how I liked the box before committing to more.

Another comment on customer experience: there was no shipping notification–here again, all I had to go by was their website, which says “should be around the middle of the month”.

What do you think about the box?


6 thoughts on “Socialbliss Style Box Jan ’14

  1. I’ve read other reviews about this box. I actually would have liked the hat and maybe the makeup. The necklace is cool and I might wear it (if I ever remembered to put on jewelry) but I for me this box just isn’t worth the cost. I’m not into fashion enough for it I don’t think. If I had money to burn I would maybe try it out just to get a few fashion pieces that I wouldn’t normally buy but for the most part it just isn’t my thing. I like to stick to the more practical boxes (like conscious and honest company) and the undies subscriptions (which are also pretty practical actually) and a couple of the cheap makeup ones.

      • I got my first conscious box with a discount code to get it for shipping only. I had intended on canceling after that first one but I liked it so much I decided to keep it. Or to at least try to for another month or two. May have to cancel after that since it is a $20 one and I’m kinda low on funds most of the time.

  2. I love the concept. If I can get fashion essentials every month to stay in style… that would be perfect. I got the box, the necklace alone and the designers story was amazing and makes the box value already. I’m not a hat person, but Ive always wanted to be. lol.

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