PopSugar Must Have Jan ’14

Birchbox improved this month (although it didn’t stop me from canceling), would PopSugar Must Have (which I was, at best, underwhelmed by last month) redeem itself this month?  In a word: yes.


First glance…

Underneath the wrapping

Underneath the wrapping

At a cost of $39.95 (I paid $34.95), the January 2014 PopSugar Must Have contents included:

  • Pipsnacks white truffle pipcorn (retail $6, and pipcorn isn’t a typo, no matter how hard wordpress tries to tell me it is)
  • Rifle Paper Co. 2014 flip around the world desk calendar (retail $16)
  • Gray Jack + Lucy tech gloves (retail $15?)
  • The Juice Generation book  (retail $15.93 on amazon.com, but I saw it for as little as $9 elsewhere)
  • Malin + Goetz detox face mask (retail $40)
  • Revlon by Marchesa “limited edition” nail files  (retail $3.49)

The popcorn was adorably small and I couldn’t tell if I liked it, but I had no problem polishing off this large bag, so I guess there’s my answer.   The calendar is sweet and simple–I’d already purchased my 2014 calendars, but I put this in my home office (which I never use…).  I was at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago looking for a new pair of gloves I could use with my iPhone but didn’t find any, so I was thrilled to see a pair included here.  They aren’t the warmest, but gloves rarely are.  I also have been meaning to pick up some nail files, so the ones in this box were perfectly timed.  I haven’t tried the face mask (which is a really large bottle), but am excited to–it smells like almonds, aka: delicious.  I splurged on a Vitamix blender last year and have been making kale smoothies off & on (mostly off), so I’m really excited to put the book to use.

All in all, January’s contents were completely on target for what I needed and are mostly items I would’ve purchased anyway. (My only complaint is including the calendar in last month’s box would’ve saved me $12).

Last month I reached out to customer service about using a promo code with my current subscription, and after 2 weeks without a response, I sent another (irritated) message.  That email got a response right away telling me I’d been sent a response 2 weeks earlier (um, nope) that subscribers can’t use promo codes to extend a current order.  (I would’ve been beyond pissed if I could’ve used it b/c the gd code had expired by the time I got a response).   This is good to know, but also kind of annoying.  Do people unsubscribe & re-subscribe in order to take advantage of promo codes?

Having said that, I think I’m beginning to drink the PopSugar Must Have kool-aid…  Will the love (?) connection last past Valentine’s Day? Stay tuned…


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