Barkbox Jan ’14

Last week my sister received her second Barkbox (courtesy of moi), and I’m not sure which of us was more excited for it to arrive.  (Answer: her dog, who apparently started jumping up and down as soon as the box arrived).  I rely on her (my sister, not the dog) to send me pics, so we have no unwrapping this month, just the goodies.  This is the January 2014 Barkbox for a medium dog. Let’s get to it…

This month’s contents were:

  • A Barkworthies brand 6″ standard bully stick
  • Orange Leap Pet brand “wishy”toy (couldn’t find a link to purchase…perhaps discontinued?)
  • No Grainers brand training size soft chews in hickory bacon flavor (grain free, obvs)
  • Safemade brand flexi-bowl (made specially for Barkbox, seemingly not available for purchase)
  • Simplyfido brand monkey plush toy  (organic, looks adorable!)

My sister said this month’s box felt a little lean compared to last month’s, which had the same Barkworthies stick along with several other treats.  Also the Leap Pet toy was made in China, FYI.  Her pup was still pleased as punch though.


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