Fancy Box Jan ’14

My week of 1000 subscription box deliveries continues with the January 2014 Fancy Box.  Now, my inaugural Fancy Box didn’t go so well, so in the spirit of not being too hopeful, I was expecting a box of garbage, literally garbage, this month.  It turns out that this defeatist thinking might’ve worked in my (and Fancy’s?) favor…


Underneath the box of stuffing were the following:


  • Crosslink charging/power cable for cell phones/ipods (retail $18)
  • Dark gray “Just Do You” tee (retail $28)
  • Gold plated wrap arrow ring by Katie Dean Jewelry (retail $45)
  • Gold plated athena wraparound ring by Katie Dean Jewelry (retail $55)
  • Don’t f’ing procrastinate mug  & accompanying coaster (retail $18)
  • Fancy miniature people book (retail $15–are they kidding?)

I was very pleasantly surprised with the contents.  The t-shirt is kind of lame, but whatever, who can’t use a tee.  Same with the cable–it lets you charge multiple devices at once.   I really, really like the rings–they’re simple, which is my style.  I wear almost exclusively silver jewelry so getting them in the silver would’ve been perfect, but these are good too.  I like the Athena wraparound ring better–it looks a little more solid and less tween.  The wrap arrow ring also looks on the verge of breaking in two, so we’ll see how long it lasts.   The book is a collection of pictures from subscribers who received small action figures in a previous box (thank God that I wasn’t one of them).  I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind spending anything on the book. The mug (which was the only item that didn’t have an informational card) might make a cute gag gift–if it wouldn’t get me fired, I’d bring it in to work.

So I’m now 2/3 of the way through my 3-month subscription, and I’m trying to imagine what other types of items Fancy could include.  Kitchenware? That might be nice. I’ll try to envision something worse than garbage to ensure my contentment  next month too…


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