Julep Maven Jan ’14

After 4 (5? what day of the week is this?) days of sitting on my ass, doing almost nothing except half-hearted shoveling PRN, I re-entered the world of the living today, and I’m crediting my Julep January 2014 Maven Box (sad isn’t it?).

I probably wear nail polish 10 times a year so Julep isn’t the most logical subscription box choice for me, but it has so many pros that I can’t bring myself to cancel.    I get 2 nail polishes and a beauty product each month for $19.99 (free shipping).  (Other box types include one with 3 nail polishes or one with 2-3 beauty products for the same price).  What I love about Julep is its flexibility.   You get a certain type of box  after responding to a few style questions, and then around the 20th of the month you get an email previewing the following month’s collection. You can always change your box (if you prefer the colors or products in another box), skip the month’s box altogether if you aren’t loving any of them, or gift your box to a friend.  The incentive to take your box is a free nail polish after you order 3 boxes in a row…  I also really appreciate how organized Julep is.  You can set your clock to the shipment notices, and the box always arrives at the beginning of the month (if not earlier, as is the case here).

Also, you can get your first box for 4 bucks (shipping only) with the promo code FREEBOX (this is how I got roped in…).

My box is “Classic with a Twist”, and for January I received:

  • Mona nail polish (gray)
  • Abigail nail polish (shimmery pink)
  • Ta Da! quick dry drops
  • 2 small nail buffer/emery squares (extra!)

One of the dangers of Julep is the “add on” feature, where they taunt you with specially priced products you can add to your box when you’re reviewing the next month’s selections.   This month  (for an extra $4.99), I added on a pretty pale lavender nail polish (Mae) from a different box than mine.

Mona polish minus wrapping

Mona polish minus wrapping

So all in all I’m happy with my January Julep Maven loot!

I’m really excited to try these polishes (and quick dry drops) out.  And I might even do so before December 2014…


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