Not fancying Fancy Box…Part 2 (JLH Dec ’13)

In follow up to Part 1 of my Fancy Box rant, Part 2 reviews my December 2013 Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box.  This was my first JLH box, and I had high hopes based on the contents of boxes earlier this year.   I didn’t come across any spoilers for this before the box arrived, which I liked–it’s all about the surprise factor!


First look...

First look…



Here’s what the box included:

  • Camera lens mug ($15 retail)
  • Steep up to the Plate (cute name) tea bag dish ($10 retail)
  • Bad to the Bone bracelet (which supposedly retails for $18?!)
  • Ted Baker travel jewelry roll ($40 retail)


The dish is super cute, the mug is ok, the bracelet is awful and the jewelry roll (although nice in theory) was a miss for me.

I was totally confused because I’d already seen the first 3 items. The bracelet was in the May JLH box, the dish (which I do like) was in October‘s box.  And I thought I’d seen the mug in a older JLH box, but it was actually in Pink’s May Fancy Box. (I don’t think it’s unusual/unexpected to see overlap across different Fancy Box boxes).

I came across some new reviews of the JLH December box that initially confused me more but I think solve the mystery. They also (sadly maybe for the others) make me feel better about my box.

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom received a completely different December box from me (and full disclosure: I didn’t like the contents), and Subscription Therapy got a bunch of different stuff than me (which I liked even less than Ramblings’), but also received the dazzling skull bracelet from May in the box.    Kudos to Subscription Therapy for alerting readers to the fact that apparently new JLH box subscribers actually receive a “welcome box” with a mix of previous items as their first box–it doesn’t explain why we didn’t get the same stuff or why I got 2 new (to JLH) items and Subscription Therapy didn’t (?).

Overall, the box was ok.  (My initial reaction was worse, but I’ve upgraded since seeing others’ boxes).   Assuming the retail prices are valid, the value is good–I paid under $30. I however really only love (and will use) one ($10) item.

Those are the cons. On the plus side, Fancy Box shipped super fast (I received both my Fancy boxes in 2 days) and their customer service seems excellent.

Fortunately I wasn’t able to purchase a multiple month  JLH box subscription, otherwise I’d be on the hook for 2+ more.  I cancelled but will still receive a January box.  I’m hoping for some cute new years resolution-related items.


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