Not fancying Fancy Box anymore…Part 1 (Dec ’13)

Rounding out my December subscription box binge is Fancy Box.  Not one but two December Fancy Boxes arrived for me this week–the regular Fancy Box and the Jennifer Love Hewitt Fancy Box.   (In my defense (?), there was a 20% 30% off plus free shipping sale on Black Friday, which I totally used to justify the purchases).   Here I’ll focus mostly on the December 2013 Fancy Box.  Part 2 will focus on the JLH box.

I was on the fence about the regular box, so naturally I ordered a 3-month subscription…

You tailor contents by selecting categories of interest. For the regular box I picked women’s, home and gadgets.

Let me start by saying the boxes these things arrive in are gigantic (see Exhibit A, below).

Fancy Times Two

Exhibit A: Fancy Times Two (Orange was the regular box and green was JLH)

Hilariously (frustratingly?) by the time you pull out the stuffing, they’re rather empty.


December Fancy Box

Was there a special on basketball sized cardboard boxes somewhere that the rest of us didn’t hear about?  Quality not quantity is what matters, but marketing 101 would seem to suggest that stuffing small packages to the gills (a la Ipsy) is the way to go to make pains in the asses like me feel like they’re getting 20x more than they are.

Anywho, the contents included:

  • Aiaiaiai Pipe earbuds ($70 on
  • Japonesque eyelash curler ($14 value)
  • Bib & Tuck chapstick (? value)
  • Archipelago Gingerbread candle ($15 on sale for $10.50)
  • Quay whim sunglasses ($40 on
  • Smock “peace love joy” greeting card ($5 value?)

Regular price for the box is around $46. I only paid a little over $20 for this box with the coupon, and there is definitely much more than that in terms of content retail value.  But I don’t judge boxes by the retail value of contents (although I think the value should at least match the box price).  I judge boxes by whether I will use the contents.  Is each item something I like and would buy if it weren’t in the box?

In this case, I will definitely use the curler (it looks awfully small so we’ll see how it goes) and the card.  I actually really like the card and after checking out their website, I will look to Smock Press for my future holiday cards.   I’ll probably gift the candle and chapstick, and I’m not sure about the earbuds, we’ll see.  (Earbuds seem like a random gift, no? The person will probably be looking around for a second wrapped box with an iPod…).

The sunglasses scream tool.  I would be embarrassed to wear them or gift them.  Maybe they’ll come in handy for a 90’s theme party.

I liked this box better than the JLH box I received (stay tuned) but I was underwhelmed.  Writing this all up has softened me a bit so I’m not feeling quite as negative, but I would cancel if I hadn’t purchased the 3-month subscription.

Do you subscribe to this box? What did you think about December’s contents?

UPDATE: I emailed Fancy Box Customer Service to ask whether it was possible to apply the outstanding balance on my subscription towards one box in a different subscription. Although the answer was no, they responded very quickly and offered to let me exchange an item from this box.  Prompt and courteous customer service goes a long way!


5 thoughts on “Not fancying Fancy Box anymore…Part 1 (Dec ’13)

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  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! I too was underwhelmed from the December fancy box and disappointed to say the least. Since the box came around the holidays, I guess I was expecting something a little more special, festive and fun. Aside from the candle (I’m a candle lover) there isn’t anything else this box I would use. Lame. Smart thinking emailing customer service! what did you end up swapping an item for?

    • Thanks so much for your comment–I’d forgotten about the exchange! I want to find out what the return shipping charges are looks like Fancy picks the exchange item for you. You just have to tell them which item you’re returning (I’m guessing so they know price point?).

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