For the dogs…(Barkbox Dec. ’13)

I’ve continued to keep my mail carrier (and wallet…) busy with subscription boxes this week, but today I want to heap on the praise (it doesn’t happen often so enjoy it while it lasts) for one of the best subscription box experiences I’ve had to date: BarkBox.

I gifted my sister a 3-month subscription for the holidays because she recently adopted a puppy.  I wanted it to be a surprise and wondered if this was suitable for puppies (along with 99,000 other annoying questions), so I  emailed customer service before I bought anything.  Customer service was very prompt and helpful (I’m a newbie but I can tell you that’s rare), so kudos, Barkbox!

Short story long, the box arrived yesterday, and I grilled my sister for the details.  The box is personalized based on the dog size you select  (small, medium, large), and I picked medium based on my sister’s dog’s weight.

Nice on the outside...

Nice on the outside…

And even cuter on the inside

And even cuter on the inside

December’s contents included:

  • Rabbit, dandelion and apple “Hare of the Dog” brand treats (From my sister: “I gave the puppy one, and she sat by the fridge whining until I gave her another!)
  • “Plato” turkey and cranberry treats
  • A “Play” brand squeaky toy
  • “Wet Noses” treats (organic and free of wheat, corn and soy)
  • A “Barkworthies” 100% beef chew (which apparently kept the pup busy for a whole hour!)
  • A good sized peanut butter cookie.

Cost is $29/month for month-to-month subscription (3-month is a little less), and there are coupon codes aplenty online to save even more.

It was a total hit!  (“Anytime I go near the fridge she runs over to see if I’ll grab the Barkbox”). Awwwwww

It’s probably not great to feed your dog a zillion different treats, but my sister felt these were all high-quality. She also appreciated that the toy was made right here in the ol’ US of A.

Since this is veering dangerously close to actual non-bitterness, I’ll end by asking where the hell I can find the human version of BarkBox??


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