Don’t be so hopeful! (aka: PopSugar Must Have Dec ’13 takeaway)

As I mentioned yesterday, subscription boxes have taken over my life.  The one I’ve been most excited about is PopSugar Must Have…which was just named the best box ever invented or something by some all-knowing authority on boxes.

The past boxes look really impressive (check out an October 2013 box review), so I took the plunge and ordered a 3-month subscription in late October/early November before prices went up (it’s now $39.95 a month).

I’ve been on pins and needles and finally got my shipping notice last week, and was pleasantly surprised to have my mail carrier hand deliver it to me this morning (2 days earlier than expected) as I was pulling out of my driveway.  I seriously was begging for red lights so I could dig into it on my ride to work.

At first glance, I was psyched…

Is that chocolate?!

Do I spy chocolate?!

As with most things in my life, there was chocolate (!), followed by disappointment…

Mystery jewelry bag! The first thing I ripped open was a small jewelry bag that seemed promising, but turned out to be a hunk of junk bracelet you might find in the clearance bin at Claire’s or in the Mr. T reject collection (is that a Friends reference?) at your local flea market.  It’s a super classy brass chain with a sparkly silver “x” charm.  Stylin’.

Ok, next.

More and more Ghirardelli chocolate!  The good:  Milk chocolate and caramel! The really good:  peppermint bark! (my fave),  The bad: egg nog.  The really bad:  pumpkin spice.  (In case you think I’m being a debbie downer (I am), two of my nicest colleagues actually gagged when they tried the pumpkin spice. I didn’t dare take a bite after that, but I can confirm that it smelled like a yankee candle…mmmm ).

Not bad!  There was a full size mascara (nice!), and a sleeve of amazing caramel corn with pistachios. I polished that off pronto (the caramel corn, not the mascara).

Meh.  Rounding out the box were some wrapping paper (ho-hum), a 4 pack of plastic champagne flutes (cute) and nail polish stickers (WTF, am I 12?).

The December PopSugar Must Have box..god that caramel corn was good...

The December PopSugar Must Have box..god that caramel corn was good…

Do the flutes and wrapping paper make up for the hunk of junk bracelet?

A closer look at the miscellaneous items..including the amazing bracelet.

I appreciated the thought of wrapping paper, chocolate and the champagne flutes for the holidays, and liked the mascara, but overall I was disappointed.  It really didn’t feel worth $35. Other people might be jumping for joy over these goodies, but I just can’t.  And this is where I bring it all back to an old therapist, who told me, “You’re too hopeful”.






6 thoughts on “Don’t be so hopeful! (aka: PopSugar Must Have Dec ’13 takeaway)

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